Teams & Jobs at Zalando

In our job search you'll find many more functions than our cores Fashion, Technology and Operations. Read here what teams are behind "Business Development", "Finance", "Purchasing" etc.

Business Development

Business Development exists within many departments so that we can continue to develop our business and search for new ideas. That’s why we are searching people with analytical and strategic thinking for diverse roles from our business development team to our operations think tanks to our private labels.


Business Development Teams

  • Business Development zLabels
  • Logistics Network Development
  • Business Development Zalando Operations
  • Category Management / Business Process Management
  • International Development
  • Organisational Development


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Our purchasing department is responsible for Category Management and our private labels.


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Category & Product Management

Category and Product Management are responsible for our products, range, brands and labels.


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Content Creation & Photography

Content Creation & Photography create the product presentations found on our Zalando shops. The content team writes product and brand texts for our online shops. They are also responsible for checking the content that comes to us from Zalando partners about their products. In our Art Direction teams photographers and stylists work together to capture all products on film and video. The Imaging Department then edit and sign-off all photos and videos. The Production Monitoring team guides products from suppliers all the way through to content creation and then back to the suppliers.



Content Creation Teams

  • Content
  • Art Direction
  • Imaging
  • Production Management
  • Technical Management


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Customer Care

Our Customer Care consists of teams of international agents, team leaders, employees in Operations Support and Management. Zalando provides services for all customers via email and telephone. We provide pre- and post-purchase advice and answer all questions regarding products and orders. In 2013 we won the People’s Choice Stevie Award for our Customer Care and in 2009 we received top marks from the international certification organisation TÜV Süd for both customer satisfaction and service.


Customer Care Teams

  • Operations Support
  • Customer Care Southern Europe & Neighbours
  • Customer Care Nordics & Zalando Lounge
  • Customer Care DACH


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Fashion & Design

We are passionate about fashion: Bringing fashion to the masses – this is what we do every day, as we painstakingly seek out new products for our website, or create exciting and innovative designs for our exclusive Zalando labels.


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Finance & Controlling

Finance & Controlling are our number crunchers. Accounting looks after the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for Zalando and its subsidiaries. Those working in the payment department look after accounts payable, fraud prevention and customer payment transactions. Financial planning, controlling of cost centres and contribution costing. The Customs team ensures compliance with provisions for import and export of goods.  The pricing team is responsible for sales forecasts and price planning for all product groups, while the Corporate Finance team look after Strategic Finance, Treasury and Competitive Intelligence.


Finance & Controlling Teams

  • Controlling
  • Payment
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Pricing


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People & Organisation, Legal and Administration

People & Organisation

The People & Organisation team at Zalando is a little more than a standard Human Resources department. We oversee a range of complex tasks: in each one of our companies we have recruiters, executive support and personnel managers who are responsible for administration and employee services. The members of our Competence Centers (CC) specialise in a number of themes which are relevant across all companies within the Zalando Group. These themes include: Diagnostics & Evaluation, Employer Branding and Training & Development.



  • HR Sytems & Processes
  • Employer Branding
  • Training & Development
  • Diagnostics & Evaluation
  • Direct Search
  • Organisational Management & Change
  • Recruiting
  • Personnel management
  • Management support



Our Legal Department deal with all of the legal components of our website and check and administer contracts and brands. A further core task is the continual administration of the compliance management pipeline. In 2013, our legal team has been nominated as best inhouse team for the Juve Award. Yay!



  • Civil law
  • Industrial rights
  • Labour law



Administration at Zalando is a truly multi-faceted and diverse area of responsibility. These teams ensure that our work runs smoothly. Facility management looks after our locations and ensures that they are suited to our needs. Security Management is responsible for our safety so we can just get on with our work. Office Management is responsible for making sure that we have all we need to get our work done and have fun while we’re at it, while Travel Management organise business travel for our employees.



  • Facility management
  • Security management
  • Office management
  • Travel management


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Marketing & Communication

Our Marketing Team has a wide range of experience and expertise. We are looking for experts for our online and offline teams and for our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team. As well as the channels with high visability including TV and display marketing, we have a number of other teams that ensure Zalando has maximum visability.

Brand Marketing Teams

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • TV
  • Image, Graphics & Content


Performance Marketing Teams

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Offline Marketing


Our Communication Department presents our company both internally and externally. Company and employee-employer communications, press and public relations and political communication teams all come together in this department.


  • Corporate Communication
  • Employer Branding
  • Internal Communication


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Operations & Logistics

Operations & Logistics is the backbone of our eCommerce services. Zalando Operations is divided into a number of areas: Content Creation, Customer Care and Logistics.


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Region Management

Our international expansion is led by our Region Management teams. This team rolls our business model across various international markets.  The teams are divided into four regions: Northern and Central Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern and Western Europe. Each individual country team consists to a great extent from people from that particular country – who understand the culture and the buying habits of the customers in their native land. That’s why the Region Management team is extraordinarily international: colleagues from more than 40 nations bring their local expertise into play.


Region Management Teams

  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern & Western Europe
  • Northern Europe
  • International Business Intelligence
  • Initiative Customer Focus


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Technology is the foundation of our eCommerce platform. Our software developers, product managers and testers, along with the Onsite Management team, build upon this platform every day, utilising their technical and analytical expertise, passion and creativity.


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